Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition Part 4: Gathering amd Merging

Gathering the required files, face merging and checking for errors
Okay the last section you created the facegen through the Creation Kit, now it’s time to take a look at that facegen. If you’re using NMM then you should find the facegen mesh in: SkyrimdataMeshesActorsCharacterFaceGenDataFaceGeomNameofYourPlugin.esp in MO it’ll be in your overwrites folder ModOrganizeroverwriteMeshesActorsCharacterFaceGenDataFaceGeomNameofYourPlugin.esp After opening the facegen that was created by the Creation Kit, it’ll probably be obvious this isn’t the face that you want. We’ll address that but first let’s get NifSkope reading textures so we don’t have this white textureless head mesh. So go to the NifSkope options, settings, resources and then Add folder. NMM users just need to add their Skyrim data folder. Example: C:SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData Mod Organizer users need to add the folder of the mod that they’re working out of. Example: C:SteamsteamappscommonModOrganizermodsName of Mod folder This is import…

Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition Part 3: Inside the Creation Kit

Doing the required work in the Creation Kit
This is the part of NPC creation that people tend to dread the most. Maybe they think that they need some sort of degree to find their way through the CK. It’s really not that bad and I promise you that the duplication method of the MAFKit2018 will make the time spent in the CK as short as possible. Load the MAFKit2018.esp into the CK but DO NOT set the file as active. Remember DO NOT set as active. If error messages pop up just click Yes to all. Once the plugin is loaded type MAFKit2018 in the filter window (the green arrow pointing up). Afterwards go to the bottom of the object window (Green arrow pointing down) and select all. Click on the editor ID tab to make sure that the Textures sets are on the top of the list. “0A0Mafkit2018TS_SkinBodyFemale” should be the first form you see at the very top. Under the Form Type tab you’ll see TXST – These are the texture sets and are currently routed to the _MAFKit2018 texture folders. Next you should see ARMA…