Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition Start Up Page

Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition

Asherz Follower and NPC Creation Template Kit – Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition

Release Date: 2/18/18
Make A Follower Kit MAFKit 2018 (older versions of the MAFKit are obsolete and will not work with this tutorial)
Creation Kit (found on Steam under tools)
The Make A Follower Kit or MAFKit 2018 is an easy to use NPC character creation and replacer kit, that you simply duplicate the forms you want to use and rename them to suit your needs. The MAFKit comes with 15 character class templates to choose from. Unique spells and abilities such as healing chants and beast master summon abilities. Unique combat style forms to match the class templates or mix them up anyway you choose to make something even more unique.
A very simple process make a completely “Stand Alone Follower” with only 5 forms. No messy headpart forms needed. No experience needed of the creation Kit or other apps used in the creation process. Easy to follow number guide walks you through the CK forms, quick folder exchange gives you a stand alone follower with very little effort. Best of all no confusion 😉
Okay I’m going to try to make this guide as informative and simple to follow as possible.
I’m going to break it down to five parts:
  1. Character Creation Export and getting the needed files for it.
  2. Installing the MAFKit 2018
  3. Doing the required work in the Creation Kit
  4. Gathering the required files, face merging and checking for errors
  5. Going in game to see you your new custom npc


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