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How to Remove the Swirl Effect From Followers

Remove the Swirl Effect From Followers
A lot of times this swirl effect comes from the magic resistance perk that's been added to the followers actor form.
It's very easy to remove with Tes5edit or the SE Tes

Load the plugin in Tes Edit then just follow these pictures on how to do it. 

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i'm a shitball....

....According to this nutjob The MightyNine that is...I'm glad you think i'm a shit ball because your days of harassing, scamming and bullying people in the game community is coming to an end.

Nexus New Best Girl:

Thank you for the endorsements!

Zero Two Follower - Now Live

Kanji - ゼロツー Rōmaji - Zero Tsū Code - 002 Alias - Partner Killer (パートナー殺し, Pātonā-Goroshi) 9'ι (ナインイオタ, Nain Iota)
CHARACTERISTICS Status - Deceased (Reincarnated in Episode 24 Skyrim) Gender - Female Birthday - 27 February (Pisces) ( Age Mid 20's) Relatives - 001 (Genetic Source) 9's (Clones) PROFESSIONAL STATUS Classification - Parasite Affiliation - Thirteenth Plantation - 9's (Formerly) Occupation - Pistil Partner - Hiro (lover) - 081 (Formerly)- Mitsuru (Temp)Dragonborn FRANXX - Strelizia (I wish)

GomaPeroLand 4.1

要望があったのでGomaPeroLandを更新しました。最近あまり開発していなかったのでinteriorを2部屋だけですが追加しました。その他既存エリアの光源等も調整しています。Fairy Tale Castle内に入口を追加しました。m(_ _)m— GomaPeroPero (@GomaPeroPero) January 13, 2019

Translated fromJapaneseby MicrosoftI updated the Gomaperoland because there was a demand. Because it had not developed so much recently, only two rooms interior added. In addition, the light source in the existing area is adjusted. Fairy added entrances inside Tale Castle. m(_ _)m…#skyrim#mods#gomaperoland

Skyrim Keely the Witchblade

Skyrim Followers Akemi 4v2

Akemi the Snow Elf Follower 4v2 By Asherz - All Compatibility - UUNP, 7B, CBBE, HDT and Non-HDT etc.. custom spells, combat, trainer, Chevaleresse II Armor and much more!

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