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Off The Chain With Insane AF High Elf Yakuza

WOW! Check out the latest photo shoot from Insane AF High Elf Yakuza in our MeWe group.. 18 and older only!! #Skyrim #SkyrimLE #Skyrimmods  #mods #gamingmods #screenshot Skyrim Mod Hoaders on MeWe On the Nexus he's known as Lefttounge, the dry sarcastic witty commenter that mod authors have come to love as well as love to hate. In the Skyrim Mod Hoarders group you'll see him sharing a mixture of his wonderful screenarchery, stories and comments as the Insane AF High Elf Yakuza.
There's much more to this guy then screenshots and witty comments, he is also a poet and fictional story teller. Many of his writings are posted with imagery to go with the words. There is a similar theme throughout all his madness that touches on the very nature of humanity.
I don't share his talent for words but I do appreciate his talent for expressing himself through his writings and imagery. So to put it in Asherz terms, check out his shit.. 

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AW …

The Real Akila - Please Stand Up - Please Stand Up

The Real Akila - Please Stand Up - Please Stand Up

Just a few screens of the original and real Akila mod, not some cheap rip off made by Mfeile1974
Click Here to Download Akila The Nightblood Follower

Like Sugar and Spice

Like Sugar and Spice They go well together. Ellierosa Follower Standalone CBBE UUNP By The Bodyhunter
Saige The Purger 2018 Edition By Asherz

Blade & Soul - UNPB and 7B Bombshell 5.9.5 By gutris1

Modder Beware: MightyNINE Claiming He Has Imaginary Illness to Collect Donations

Where's the Doctors Note??
So there is this guy on the Nexus that uses the name tag MightyNINE and has a Youtube channel which is called T.A.P. Gaming.
Some of you may have heard or seen his Youtube Streams, This is the guy Who has made several attempts to live stream Skyrim for over 50 hours straight while playing Skyrim.
If I remember correctly the first attempt was close over 40 hours of non-stop gaming. The second attempt he made it around 24 hours. There may have been a third attempt, I don't remember.
Anyway this guy post these sad stories of having Multiple Sclerosis or often referred to as MS, According to WebbMD it is a disease that affects your brain, spinal cord and optic nerves in your eyes. It can cause a lost of vision, balance and other basic body functions.
"The effects are often different for everyone who has the disease. Some people have mild symptoms and don’t need treatment. Others will have trouble getting around and doing daily tasks."
A couple…

Sneak Peek: Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes By Zhoulia

Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes By Zhoulia
Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes is a new default vanilla eye replacer by Zhoulia If you use the Nexus for mods then you're probably already familiar with some of her work such as Babydoll X Skin, Forgotten Plants and Herb Replacers, Sun of Magnus and some of her newer mods such as Darling Eye Replacer and Lady Kit.
Well today I'm giving you a sneak peek of her latest mod that she plans to publish to the Nexus and quite honestly i'm quite impressed. Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes will replace your vanilla eyes with a beautifully, well done modified textures by Zhoulia. 
The eyes come in 1k with unique new normal map and sub surface details. Honestly out of the thousands of eye textures that I tried, Skyrim Idol Girl is as good as it gets if not better than anything I have previously tried. So thank you Zhoulia for your contribution to the mod community and a big thumbs up!

Here are some screenshots I took of the eyes, I&…

Diana The Pureblood Vampire 2017 No Mercy Edition

Diana The Pureblood Vampire 2017 No Mercy Edition
Click Here To Go To Download Folder

First I like to thank Marmotte for his wonderful and beautiful Diana present. Thank you for letting me take something so beautiful and elegant and turning her into a cold hearten blood sucking killer. :)

Get the Diana preset here 
Visit Marmotte's blog for the latest updates and screenarchery here
Special shout out to xwhiteninjax who put me on the right path when making vampire npcs act and behave more like... well vampires :)

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Diana's Starting location in the video below

sic combat  test by Shatterhelm

Thanks S.Silin (Ikari), love your videos!

Location - Windhelm Hall of the Dead
Hard Requirements: DLC or Legendary XPMSE HDT Heels Relationship Dialog Overhaul
Soft Requirements: BloodThirst (highly recommended) Your favorite vampire mods and follow…