Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition Part 4: Gathering amd Merging

Gathering the required files, face merging and checking for errors

Okay the last section you created the facegen through the Creation Kit, now it’s time to take a look at that facegen. If you’re using NMM then you should find the facegen mesh in:
in MO it’ll be in your overwrites folder
After opening the facegen that was created by the Creation Kit, it’ll probably be obvious this isn’t the face that you want. We’ll address that but first let’s get NifSkope reading textures so we don’t have this white textureless head mesh.
So go to the NifSkope options, settings, resources and then Add folder.
NMM users just need to add their Skyrim data folder.
Mod Organizer users need to add the folder of the mod that they’re working out of.
C:SteamsteamappscommonModOrganizermodsName of Mod folder
This is important for two reasons, one you’ll see the textures and two you won’t make the mistake of adding the entire file path from your hard drive onto the facegen.
Once you’ve added the correct file paths through Nif Skopes resources you can go ahead and close out of it for now. The next time you look at that facegen mesh it’s going to look like your beautiful or handsome follower, replacer or whatever kind of custom NPC you’re making.
But for now let’s go back to the facegen of your character that is in the SKSE folder.
Of course there are different ways to bring this process together but I will be explaining how I personally go about it.
What I do is make a copy of the facegen mesh and texture that I want to merge. I then copy the copies and paste them into the mods esp folders.

Next I delete the file with the TGA extension. You don’t need it and it only adds confusion so get rid of it.

 Then I make a copy of the copied texture file. Just for backup in case I need to make a new facegen through the CK. After that I grab the name of the CK facegen texture and then delete the CK facegen. I take the CK name and paste it to one of the copied textures.
So this is what I will have in the Texture folder, the CK generated texture is now replaced by the original character facegen texture. As for the Nif file I cut and paste that into the mods facegen folder.

So inside your mods facegen mesh folder you’ll have both facegen meshes. The one created with Racemenu, ECE or whatever and the one created through the CK.
Now open the original facegen in Nifskope. Let’s gather the assets that you’ll need and didn’t come with the MAFKit2018..
Let’s get the hair textures.. Easiest way to do this is to copy the name but not the extension. If you’re using NMM go to Skyrim/data/textures and paste into the search bar. Both texture maps should show, from there just copy and paste into your mod folder.
If you’re using Mod Organize just search the mods folder.. Do the same for the one eye texture and the brow that you used. Just paste all the gathered assets into your mods folder then connect them to the facegen mesh. Once everything is connected , save the facegen and close out of Nif Skope.

Open Nif Merge place the CK generated facegen on the right and place the In game facegen that was created on the left side.

Click Merge child nodes. merge vertex.. The first thing you may notice is that the hair doesn’t match up. This is okay, go ahead and manually clock the check boxes and then use the drop down menu to enter the hair and hair lines in. You’ll get a message about the vertex not matching, ignore this.. OK then OK again.. Nif Merge will make the proper adjustments.

After this your mod only needs to be checked in Tes5Edit for errors. So load it into the Tes5Edit. Let it load and put the cursor over the mod name, right click and click check for errors.


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