Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition Part 3: Inside the Creation Kit

Doing the required work in the Creation Kit

This is the part of NPC creation that people tend to dread the most. Maybe they think that they need some sort of degree to find their way through the CK. It’s really not that bad and I promise you that the duplication method of the MAFKit2018 will make the time spent in the CK as short as possible.
Load the MAFKit2018.esp into the CK but DO NOT set the file as active.
Remember DO NOT set as active.
If error messages pop up just click Yes to all.
Once the plugin is loaded type MAFKit2018 in the filter window (the green arrow pointing up). Afterwards go to the bottom of the object window (Green arrow pointing down) and select all.
Click on the editor ID tab to make sure that the Textures sets are on the top of the list.
“0A0Mafkit2018TS_SkinBodyFemale” should be the first form you see at the very top.
Under the Form Type tab you’ll see
TXST – These are the texture sets and are currently routed to the _MAFKit2018 texture folders.
Next you should see
ARMA – These are the Armor Addon forms, where the meshes from the MAFKit2018 mesh folders are currently routed.
Following Armor Addons is
ARMO – This form brings together the texture sets and armor addons forms to make the body of your NPC.
Go ahead and click on SkinBodyFemale or the SkinBodyMale if your NPC is a male.. I’ll be using SkinBodyFemale as an Example.
First and you’ll be doing this for every form you duplicate is changing the first part of the name. I suggest something unique and to use this same name at the beginning of every form you duplicate.
In the first red circle are the texture maps as you can see they are all routed to the _MAFKit2018 folder. The object here is quite simple, you go down to the next red circle and reroute the maps to your renamed folder.
All the file names are the same from folder to folder. Once you changed the file paths click OK. A window will pop up asking if you like to create a new form or change the name of this current form.
This is the duplication method so you will click “YES”
This would be a good time to make a save of your new mod. Click save, give your new plugin a name and OK your way out.
I highly suggest saving your plugin after each form edit.
This is what your new form should look like, replacing “0RENAMED” with whatever you have chosen.
Do the sa
me to the SkinHand Texture Set for the gender that you’re creating.
Like with the Texture sets go ahead and rename the ID.
Next press select on the biped model on the gender you’re using.
Then replace Model File Name from the MAFKit Mesh folder to your renamed folder. On each body part choose part that ends with “_1”
Okay your way out until you’re back to single Armor Addon window and under biped model is Skin Texture, use the scroll to find your newly named texture set.
SkinBodyFemale goes with both NakedFeetAA and NakedBodyAA
SkinHand of course goes with NakedHandAA form.
Now everything should like like in the picture with the green circles. Click okay and YES to make a new form.
Repeat this for NakedTorsoAA and NakedHandAA make sure you have the correct skin textures in place. SkinBody for Torso and Feet and SkinHand for NakedHand.
This would be a good time to one save your work again and two right click anywhere on the object window and select “Create New Object Window”
Put your new ID name into the filter window.
You’re making progress and the body of your new NPC will be complete after the next step.

Click on the ARMO Form and make the approriate ID name change, then delete all the MAFKit forms within the models box.  After that just drag and drop the newly named forms into the Models box.
Then Click Yes to create a new form and save your plugin.
This completes the body for your NPC. The only thing left is to add this to your actor’s form ID which will be done later in this tutorial but first let’s move onto Head Parts.

 The head parts enables you the ability to add custom hair to your NPC. Since this NPC has a custom facegen the only thing the Creat Kit needs to know is how many hairlines it needs to export for the face merge.
You’ll have to retrace your steps here and go back to the facegen that you created in racemenu. Which is found in SKSE/plugins/chargen
Use NifSkope to open your facegen.

Count the branches that are for hair. On this model there are 3 branches for hair. Now simply subtract one branch for the total amount of hairlines. 3 – 1 = 2
There are a total of 2 Hairlines on this model.
You can close out of NifSkope since we won’t be using it again until we are finished with the Creation Kit.
Open the hair head part form that you will be using for your npc, rename it and click yes to create a new form.  Then save your plugin
At this point you should have created five new forms. This is a good time to go back and check these forms to make sure they’re all correct. Make sure the texture sets are going to the correct textures, the Armor Addons are going to the correct meshes and that everything is placed correctly in the Armor form.

The next to Form types are optional preset Classes and Combat Styles. I think they’re pretty awesome but again completely optional. If you do use a class and a combat style form then just renamed the preferred forms you want to use and select yes to create a new form. Don’t forget to save your work!

This section is also optional. If you decided to go with the Beastmaster Class, then rename and duplicate these forms. Select YES to create new forms. These forms are all connected and in order, first duplicate the NPC MasterWolf form, then duplicate the MGEF MasterPet form. Add the NPC MasterWolf form to the MGEF MasterPet form and finally add the MGEF MasterPet form to the duplicated SPELL MasterPetX form. You will later add the spell into the spell inventory of your NPC.
This is another optional section. Simply rename and duplicate these forms into new forms. Once all three forms are duplicated open the renamed shout form and replace “0I0MAFKit2018_HealingSpellChant” with the renamed form. Later you’ll add the shout to your characters spell inventory.

These are the NPC forms, they’re based on Characters class, (kinda)
Pick which you won’t your follower or NPC to be like. Open it then change the characters name.

Remember that thing you did in the game? Opening console and typing SPF along with your characters name?
It’s time to add that file. Go to the Character Gen Parts tab and click the import button and add your .npc file. This will match your characters weight, skin tone and race.

Below that you’ll see the head Part Box, drag and drop the hair part with the desired amount of hairlines that you duplicated into that box.
Making a Beastmaster or Healer? if so drag and drop the Pet summon spell and or the healing shout to the spell window.
AI Package can be left alone
AI Data is where you will want to select the combat style of your npc or follower
Keywords can be skipped
Relationships – right click and select new, give the form a name and then select player as the child npc. Set relationship level to “Ally”
Factions are already done and can be skipped.
Stats you can change around and select your characters class.

Select your characters skin, click OK, YES to create new form. Save your work! Find a place to drag and drop your new character in the game world. Just select the cell you want it to be in and drag and drop, then save your work again.

After you’ve done all that you’re ready to create a new facegen through the CK, go to actors on the left and highlight your character. Press CTRL and F4 tab together and a new facegen will be generated.
After the facegen from the Ck was generated you’ll get a new window pop up reading “Done” click on it and save..  You can now close out of the CK.

You are now ready to go to Part 4
Gathering the required files, face merging and checking for errors


Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition Part 4: Gathering amd Merging