Make A Follower Kit. MAFKit 2018 Edition Part 2: MAFKit 2018 Installation

Installing the MAFKit 2018

Installing the MAFKit 2018 is easy just use your mod manager and install.
Within the mod you’ll have the following
  1.  Meshes folder
  2. Textures folder
  3. The MAFKit2018.esp plugin
Let’s take a moment to explore the meshes folder
Inside the Mesh folder you’ll see the MAFKit2018 folder. This folder is only temporary but for now is necessary for the work that will need to be done within the Creation.
The “Rename This Folder” folder is exactly what it says. So go ahead and rename it. Make this name unique so it will not conflict with any other mods. I also suggest using the _ underscore or a 0 zero at the beginning of the folder name. This will make it so much easier to find the folder later in the Creation Kit.

The next folders you’ll see inside the _MAFKit2018 and your newly renamed meshes folders is the MeshAssets folder.
So it’ll look like this:
  1. Meshes/_MAFKit2018/MeshAssets
  2. Meshes/Rename This Folder/MeshAssets
Following that you’ll see _Female and _Male folders.
The _Female folder comes stock with UNP Meshes from Dimon
These can be changed anytime with your preferred body meshes. Since the _MAFKit2018 folder is just a temporary placeholder folder don’t waste time switching out assets within that folder structure. As for your Renamed folder, feel free to replace or add any assets you wish within that folder. This is the folder that will count when everything is done.
The _Male mesh  folder is left empty, the reason for this is that many times it’s best to let the male mesh assets use the default or vanilla assets of the mod user. Although in case you decide to add your own male meshes the folder is in place for convenient set up.

Picture of inside the _Female mesh folder
  1. Meshes/_MAFKit2018/MeshAssets/_Female
  2. Meshes/Rename This Folder/MeshAssets/_Female

The texture folder is similar to the mesh folder set up.

The _MAFKit2018 folder has low-resolution texture placeholders in it. As with the meshes above this texture folder is only temporary while you complete the work needed within the Creation Kit. There is no need to switch or add anything to this folder.. All changes should be made within the folder you renamed.
The “Rename This Folder” folder comes stock with Hhaley’s Fair Skin Complexion Skin Textures as well as other assets. You can find Fair Skin Complexion on the Nexus by clicking here.  The textures sub folder structure is as follows:
_MAFKit2018 and the Renamed folder
_Female and _Male folders
Brows, Eyes,  Hair and Mouth Folders

Now that you’re familiar with the folder structure of the MAFKit2018 let’s move onto the Creation Kit.


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