Asherz Skyrim Blog Update


 My website is being redone...

 Shits down but i'm redoing..

 You can still get the MAFKit here 

If You Got The Coin Asherz Has The Wares

Asherz Needs New Shoes


  1. Hi Asherz,
    Very nice update on your blog :) I like a lot. It's easy to find articles and subjects and everything is easy to read. I like theme colors too.

    I finally see some facebook groups. Unfortunatly, I can't acces because I don't have any FB account.

    A good place :)


  2. tanks Marmotte, I lost everything transferring my blog to blogger, it'll be awhile before I get it filled with content but i'm glad you like the look :)

    hopefully i'll have time to work on it soon


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