Dj Red Raynel Blacklist

As most in the Skyrim Mod Hoarder group already know, Dj Red has been making videos tormenting young women, going as far as calling himself a vessel for god and these girls witches that need to be purged..

Most of the hoarder group also knows Dj Red uses many different alias and fake accounts..

This page will be used to expose those fake accounts so you can feel safe within the community and avoid harassment by Dj Red.

Why am I doing this? because I have too.. I do believe he is a danger to females within the community.. He's already called himself the Light of God and urge others to purge the witches meaning the girls that he blast in his videos..

These videos will stay up for a few days then he'll take them down to avoid having his account remove.. He'll wait a few days then repost or make a new video..
One of the more disturbing videos I seen was a recent one of Alymew who did voice work for one of his mods.. He had a picture of her and burn it with a lighter.. The description read "She's the devil that stole my heart"

So I make this watch list to help protect females and as well any within the modding community that he targets.. This will be an ongoing and updated list..

Ashara Healer (Fake YT account)

Roxy Foxy (Fake YT account)

Yari Vega and Yari Vega Reyes (Fake YT and Fake FB accounts)

Blood Gang (Fake YT Account)

Kitty Kat Wanna Play (Fake YT Account)

Selina Feliciano (Fake YT Account)

Grizzly Bear (Fake YT Account)

Marlon Malone (Fake FB Account)

Nelly Rojas (Fake YT Acount)

Skyrim Junkie (Fake YT Account)

el Foyo de la Gangsta (Fake YT Account)

CookedIowa9589 Smith (Fake YT Account)

Bassy Bee  (Fake YT Account)

Aria Bumble bass (Fake YT Account)

He's been banned on the nexus under these names



He is still active on Loverslab under this name:

Voice actors to avoid: 
Kylie April aka Kylie X- sorry but the modding community has no use for anyone that continues to work with someone such as DJ Rad even after knowing the trouble he has caused to others.

Groups that he is a member of and to avoid..

Skyrim Mods Fallout 4 Mods Pc xBox one Ps4

Fortunately most group admins are aware of Dj Red and so far the only group that admins have taken his side is

Skyrim Mods Fallout 4 Mods Pc xBox one Ps4

Dj Red is well known for harassing young women online and he uses these groups to stalk out new victims..

It's pretty much the same routine,

He'll try to entice them by offering voice acting jobs for his mods.
Then he'll pretend that he's paying them or come up with some stupid donation, bonus cash reward scam..
Then he'll boss them around, mock them, used them until he's finish then make videos about them claiming they are awful back stabbers.

Beware of this guy he is not mentally stable and fits the typical sociopath stereotype to a T.


My Recent discussion with the administer of "Skyrim Mods Fallout 4 Mods Pc xBox one Ps4"

Honestly, it was like talking to a 5 year old.. Even if DJ Red was not in the group, this group would probably not be a good choice to join but that's your decision not mine.

Instead of being concerned about having a guy that preys and cons women in mod groups, he just can't get past the fact that I said a mean thing to him..

I'll admit, I do lack a Dale Carnegie approach when discussing issues but this was just too ridiculous.

At this point I just blocked the messages..

As members of the modding community, we need to stand up to cyber bullies.. It's the right thing to do.  Unfortunately not every Mod group is going to be run by those assertive enough to protect their members from such people.

*** Just to note I did say in our conversation that there "pretty much isn't a follower on the Nexus that I haven't been involved with" that's false.. there are many that I had nothing to do with.. Many great , beautiful followers that I did not have anything to do with.. But there are many that are published by others that I did help out in some way.. So I should have worded that better.. my bad...


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