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Akemi 4v Edition The Champion of Auri-El

Akemi 4v Edition The Champion of Auri-El

Now Available for LE!

  Akemi is a snow elf that was suspended in time for over 4000 years, She is the hand pick champion of Auriel himself and the leader of the Templars of Auri-El. She is a quick-witted fun loving and sometimes a snobbish spitfire. Auriel's message to her is to find the chosen one of the new era. To devote her loyalty to this chosen one and in return she will unlock her own destiny. 

 Name: Akemi (name meaning "Beauty of Dawn")
Race: Snow Elf
Weight: 75
Age: 4021 years old.  (4000 years unconscious in a timeless sphere)
voice: Eventone
Location: Whiterun Temple of Kynareth
Class: Templar Champion of Auri-El
Body type: UUNP ( Rebirth body likeness)

Special Abilities: 

Call of Auri-El - a power that happens once every 24 hours and only in combat. It buffs the entire group and can last for 10 hours a day. (it's a tweaked call to arms buff)

Templar Healing Shout - Heals the entire party, can only be used in combat. (time delayed)

Ethereal Ice Wraiths - Spirits of snow elves that take the form of Ice Wraiths - Low level - low health, attackers met to disrupt more so then to deal damage. great against casters and archers or multiple mobs.



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Will NEED THIS SMP PATCH ALSO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Totally totally totally recommend the SMP patch.. it makes the skirt flow so nicely..


Wardrobe and Weapon:

Body Meshes:

Skin Textures:

Fair Skin Complexion By Hhaley - 9.4 with v10 head (Diffused only)
Demoniac By regenbot03 Glossy, Muscle 2, FSC 1 (includding head)


The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam - Eye Elves Blue Ice (diffuse only)




  1. Was a HUGE fan of Akemi over on Nexus. Any chance of adding the Sky251 hairstyle from KS Hairdos as an option to this new iteration of Akemi? Also, a non-HDT High Heels version would be nice too. NiOverride High Heels is far superior & doesn't have all the bugs/issues HDT High Heels does. Thanks.

    1. I do plan to add NIO to the boot mesh.. I just haven't gotten to it yet.. As for the sky251 hair maybe in a different edition.. I have a few other things i'm working on at the moment but will definitely be back to Akemi.. She's my favorite :P thanks for the comment!

  2. Just so you know, I converted Akemi (Sky251 version) over to Skyrim SE for personal use. I also ported Enmity & a couple others for personal use too. All work flawlessly for Skyrim SE. No more Oldrim for me. Can't stand all the bottlenecks/CTDs/freezes. Skyrim SE is far more stable thanks to the 64 bit format. I hope you consider making your work available for Skyrim SE users like myself at some point so we don't have to spend time porting the mods over ourselves & making sure everything was done correctly. Would really like to see Diana 2017 No Mercy Edition ported to Skyrim SE. Couldn't get the .esp to save in the Skyrim SE CK (Creation Kit 2.0 has stopped working....) for whatever reason though. Crashed it when attempting to save the .esp.

    1. I don't think Marmotte wants Diana over on SSE yet.. If I do port her i'll share privately with the Skyrim Hoarders group on FB and MeWe but I won't publish publicly like on the Nexus or will I allow her to be republished for public downloads. With that said I do plan on porting to SSE, I actually did a port last night for a custom follower for one of my Patreons. I'm still deciding if I want to port SSE with stand alone body meshes or use whatever the player has as default. I know CBBE is the dominant body mesh on SSE and since I prefer UUNP this sort of complicates things..

  3. I strongly recommend formatting your followers to use whatever the player has installed by default. Not only does this save time/effort, but it's also far more performance-friendly to boot since doing so saves a TON of resources/memory for other things. I would hope you would at least provide me with a link to the files for your followers so I can have them for my own personal use. I know all about mfeille1974 stealing assets from your Akila the Nightblood follower. I have my own beef with mfeille1974 seeing as how they blocked me from all their mods on Nexus for merely posting a bug report regarding one of their followers (Merth) having not been properly saved in the Skyrim SE CK (.esp was still in Form 43 when Skyrim SE plug-ins are supposed to be Form 44). If you type Merth using Google Search & click the link, you'll find that the mod was hidden on Skyrim SE Nexus. mfeille1974 hid that mod all because I posted a bug report regarding the .esp not being in the correct format for Skyrim SE (Form 44) & then found out that she blocked me from all her mods on Nexus. Stupid BITCH.


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