Lorelei of Alinor Follower Released! Download Link

Lorelei of Alinor

Lorelei of Alinor The Follower Mod 

"she is a nobledaughter of the king of Alinorshe is a battlemage1h sword + magicshe is commander of the elven armies of the northnatural authoritycute but a real warrior" ~Marmotte

Starting location - The Blue Palace in Solitude
Race - Custom High Elf Noble
Class - Noble Battlemage of Alinor
Special Weapon - Auriel's Sword with Custom Enchant "Rage of Auriel" (credit - NANIGASHITEMPEST)
Special Ability - Tempest (Vindictus Cyclone) (credit - elysees)


1 - Install with your mod manager of choice or manually

2 - Run FNIS
3 - Endorse and share your screenshots




Lorelei ECE and RACEMENU preset - marmotte

Ryder's Dragonfly Robes - MacGrioghair
Fair Skin Complexion - HHaleyyPretty Face - tktk1
KS Hairdos - Renewal - Kalilies  (Stealthic)
Cute Eyes -  tktk1
BodySlide and Outfit Studio - Caliente (Ousnius)
- Caliente- Ousnius- ChronoTrigger77- stuffed_bunny- btn2k3 for kicking off the Unified UNP project- Halofarm for the Unified UNP feet and hands- HeroedeLeyenda for helping with the HDT setup or UUNP Special- Each of the creative minds that made one of the shapes UUNP consists of- Groovtama for the RM Morph scripts and XPMSE as the OS reference skeleton
HDT Physics Extensions - HydrogensaysHDTENB Used In Screenshots
Snapdragon Prime ENB - tetrodoxin



Saige The Purger 2018 Edition