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Modder Beware: MightyNINE Claiming He Has Imaginary Illness to Collect Donations

Where's the Doctors Note??

So there is this guy on the Nexus that uses the name tag MightyNINE and has a Youtube channel which is called T.A.P. Gaming.

Some of you may have heard or seen his Youtube Streams, This is the guy Who has made several attempts to live stream Skyrim for over 50 hours straight while playing Skyrim.

If I remember correctly the first attempt was close over 40 hours of non-stop gaming. The second attempt he made it around 24 hours. There may have been a third attempt, I don't remember.

Anyway this guy post these sad stories of having Multiple Sclerosis or often referred to as MS, According to WebbMD it is a disease that affects your brain, spinal cord and optic nerves in your eyes. It can cause a lost of vision, balance and other basic body functions.

"The effects are often different for everyone who has the disease. Some people have mild symptoms and don’t need treatment. Others will have trouble getting around and doing daily tasks."

A couple years ago the MightyNINE and I have become friendly toward each other, one day I was on the phone with him as he gave this in-depth description of his disease was like. 

At the time according to MightyNINE he was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis Stage 5, at this time the only thing I knew about the disease is that it existed. So I believed his story. he claimed it was so bad that he was sufferring from brain lesions.

This is a man in his mid-forties, living with his mother, that he is unable to work because of having Stage 5 MS. I believed him, I mean really what 40 plus year old man will be living with his mother unless he was taking care of her or he was ill himself.. So I took his word for it.. 

He also mentioned he was rejected from getting SSI, i thought nothing of it since from my understanding SSI rejects everyone or nearly everyone at a persons first attempt to collect. So I urged him to try again. He said he can't because he has no medical insurance, so he can't prove his claim. I asked him about having Stage 5 MS again and he told me that he was diagnosed when he did have medical insurance. 

At the time I was unaware there was no such thing as a stage 5 diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, in fact there are not any medical diagnosis of MS that are referred to stages whatsoever. Unfortunately, I did not know this at the time and I took him for his word.

In the meantime I watched him struggle trying to stream videos on a very old and dated computer. Not struggle physically, he looked fine as he chained smoke throughout the video stream but his computer was trash and he needed an upgrade. So I built him a computer, it was a good machine, better then what most were using in the Skyrim mod community. 

Please keep in mind, I am not rich and I barely make ends meet. My first intention was to sell this PC, I was asking $650 at the time but I figured, I'll do Jon a solid and send it to him for free. It cost me 80 dollars to ship the computer to him which put me behind some in bills but no matter, I figured I was doing this guy a solid and it was going to a good cause.

After he gets the computer he starts telling me his monitor is too old and doesn't work with the computer. So I sent him the extra monitor that I had, a nice Asus 1080p monitor, I think it was 24 inch screen..

That cost me another 20 plus dollars in shipping.

So instead of making an extra 600 to 700 dollars by selling the computer and monitor, i end up paying over 100 dollars to give it away for free but I was okay with that because I thought I was doing a good thing. At least that's what I thought.

Time went by and MightyNINE was very thankful for the computer, now he could live stream and build his mods as well as play games at a higher resolution but then I started noticing a trend in his behavior, where he would brag to me about people sending him money and if they stop sending him money he would tell me such things like, "Fuck him, my business was concluded with him anyway" At the time he was referring to a 17 year kid who signed up for his Patreon to pledge 10 dollars a month.

He repeated this same behavior with a few other people that made pledges on his Patreon and then cancel them. I told him it's hard all over maybe they can't afford to give you money. His response was always the same, very bitter with the added "fuck them, business is concluded with them anyway"

Made me think, I gave this dude not only a decent PC rig and monitor but I donated to him several times, 5 dollars here, 10... 20 here.. It would be just a matter of time before he says the same about me. "Fuck Asherz, my business was concluded with him anyway" In other words fuck them I already ripped them off so fuck them..

He would say on his live streams that his total income was 10 dollars a month, this raised a red flag for me because he would chain smoke while doing these streams. A pack of cigarettes are at least 5 dollars in most states, so if it were true that he only made 10 dollars a month, how is he smoking about 20 to 30 dollars worth of cigarettes a week during his live streams?.. I figured maybe his mother supports his smoking habit because he's too sick to work for himself.

The pan handling just kept increasing from the MightyNINE, it came to a point where anything posted in the modding community was followed by a donation link. He would really play off the MS disease too.. A little too much for anyone of dignity.

So in 2018 his Multiple Sclerosis is no longer a stage 5. not that it ever was to begin with but according to MightyNINE that was his diagnosis.  Anyway it's no longer a stage 5 now he magically has Multiple Sclerosis Stage 6. 

At this point, I was already aware from a little research on google that there is no diagnosis of these so called Multiple Sclerosis stages that he claims to have. 2018 he continue to go heavy with his claims and his online pan handling. I mean after all he now has Multiple Sclerosis Stage 6. At least according to him.

There's also another side of the MightyNINE that I haven't mentioned yet, this guy angrily attacks anyone he feels he can push around and bully online. He is mean, bitter and relentless in his attacks against people and for no reason. If they asked him about a mod he made or make a suggestion about it, he would just rip them apart. Calling them commies, snowflakes and just extreme demeaning behavior. His behavior gradually got worst as time went by. 

At this point I realized I donated my machine to an online bully. A hateful lonely bitter man that finds enjoyment in causing other people suffering. 

So I finally had it, I got tired of seeing his hateful post, his attacks on people, at this point I had much doubt about his disease being what he said it is. So I started blocking him on social networks.

This made MightyNINE mad and someone sent me a conversation he had with another member in his Facebook group, this is the quote:

"btw if you don't want to use that one kit developed by our mutual "friend" because you think there might be some issues in the future with using their work then you might want to check out my follower kit."

Needless to say I was angry, here is a guy who I bend over backwards for, I gave him hundreds on top of hundreds of dollars worth in gifts and money and here he is instead of letting us part separate ways peacefully, here he is trying to undermine me.

That very day I realized that both the MightyNINE and the other mod author he was chatting to published mods on the Nexus that were rip offs of mine.

Meanwhile I read his Patreon page and the poor sad fake story he gives to why he needs pledges.

Remembering that I already had questions about MS Stage 5 now MS Stage 6, I decided to continue my search, I searched and searched the internet but could find nothing that even remotely suggest there is a medical diagnosis of these so called stages for Multiple Sclerosis. Don't take my word for it, do the search yourself -  Google Search for Multiple Sclerosis Stage 6 You won't find anything about this claim. You will see there are four types of MS and thought maybe that is what he is referring to but upon farther reading I realized his description was completely different. besides the 4 types there is no such thing as a diagnosis of stages. 

At this point i'm mad, how can someone be so low as to use a horrible disease to convince people to send him money. I'm also feeling pretty damn stupid for falling for his scam as well.

So I wanted to talk to someone directly and joined MS support groups in hopes to find out the truth. This is a conversation that I had with one of several people. This poor woman is a real sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis: 

As you can see she clearly believes MightyNINE is lying. She quickly debunks his claims and describes what a person really goes through during the worst of the disease. They are bedridden with little to no mobility, they lose eye sight, the lost body functions etc.

The MightyNINE however does a live 40 hour non-stop stream, playing a video game, staring at a monitor screen, puffing away at cigarettes, banging on the keyboard to keep up with the game. 

This is not something a person with the severity of MS as the MightyNINE claims to have would be able to do. It's absolutely impossible.

At this point after trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, I realize I been scammed. So I called him on it.

His response was to make a video, showing a wrinkled up piece of paper from 5 years ago. I was unable to read the paper but he read it and from my understanding it's a doctors note claiming the MightyNINE does have MS. 

Keep in mind according to WebbMD;

"The effects are often different for everyone who has the disease. Some people have mild symptoms and don’t need treatment. Others will have trouble getting around and doing daily tasks."

So even if it is true that he does have MS, it isn't at the severity level he claims it to be. He even told me over the phone that he has brain lesions and not long to live because of the disease but yet even with a note from a doctor that was clearly a referral to apply for SSI, he still doesn't have SSI.. He was denied.. The reason he told me is because they determine he was work able.

All the note tells me is that he hasn't been sick enough to need medical attention for over 5 years!!

The MightyNINE also claims he was a chef on his Patreon account and I'm guessing other social networks too.. I doubt this to be true as well. He did work at a carnival and as far as I can tell this is the only job he has ever held. Working under the table as a carney.. Which he described to me over the phone as traveling from state to state working the rides, games and food during the open hours and pan handling on the side of the road during the carnivals closed hours. This I believe, I know this is what carneys do. 

So yes he was and is a pan handler, just now he does it online from the comfort of his mothers home, using a very exaggerate excuse or flat out lie of having MS. 

You can watch his video below; it doesn't answer my question about showing proof of having MS Stage 6 but of course that is something he can not prove because there is no medical diagnosis of such disease. It's a lie that he made up in order to con people out of money and gifts, while his mid 40 year old ass sits at his mothers home playing video games all day and trying to scam people out of money.

No MightyNINE this doesn't prove you're innocent, this doesn't prove anything that benefits you. You provided a 5 year old letter from a doctor to be used by a lawyer in an attempt to collect SSI.. A failed attempt to collect.

You're a liar, you're a scammer and you're a low life for using such a horrible disease for your own financial gains. Shame on you!


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