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Off The Chain With Insane AF High Elf Yakuza

 Off the Chain with Insane AF High Elf Yakuza

WOW! Check out the latest photo shoot from Insane AF High Elf Yakuza in our MeWe group.. 18 and older only!! #Skyrim #SkyrimLE #Skyrimmods  #mods #gamingmods #screenshot 

Skyrim Mod Hoaders on MeWe

On the Nexus he's known as Lefttounge, the dry sarcastic witty commenter that mod authors have come to love as well as love to hate. In the Skyrim Mod Hoarders group you'll see him sharing a mixture of his wonderful screenarchery, stories and comments as the Insane AF High Elf Yakuza.

There's much more to this guy then screenshots and witty comments, he is also a poet and fictional story teller. Many of his writings are posted with imagery to go with the words. There is a similar theme throughout all his madness that touches on the very nature of humanity.

I don't share his talent for words but I do appreciate his talent for expressing himself through his writings and imagery. So to put it in Asherz terms, check out his shit.. 

AW yeah bud!
I don't go on tumblr anymore, but you can still see what I left behind. If enough people ask me to go back on, perhaps I'll reconsider it.
My poem and stories blog
"Destiny is the march, and the journeys are your names;
you alongside the walkers of fate, and lead down death’s very bane: Life."
** =*Where I post my yakuza high elf samurai babe pics =A sassy af orc talks about politics, and posts sexy orc pics, and is sassy af
 A blog geared towards newbies, and posts helpful funny quirky tips from an overlord sorceress and a robust warrior* a goth vampire does poems and stuff, and is basically like a freedom writer or so on (and she's cute) A blind af asian babe takes pictures of things and offers encouragement.
====Other blogs=== A tumblr run by an insane alien that posts all his posts upsidedown, and has a jolly af good time This is a blog ran by Observie the still awkward renaissance painting. She has high blood, and goes around posting the things that make it go higher.**


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