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Skyrim Mod Merge SGKS 995 Hair

SGKS 995 Hair Merge

This is a hair merge of SG 350 and KS Renewal 1.5 which adds 995 hair styles into one very stable esp file merge has shown in the video.
Must download and install both SG and KS hair mods (ESP and ESM plugins of these mods not needed) , along with my mod merge file. Links to all downloads available in both SE and LE, Just follow the link below.


KS Hairdos - Renewal -
SG Hair Pack 350 -!ac4zRZ5J!Cuo6FAHh7JROq4jow6fN8XUh1yLTw_zW7KfrthvX7aA

If you haven't already then install both KS and SG hairs but do not activate the following plugins:

KS Hairdo's.esp

You can keep them unchecked, MO users can keep them in their optional folder or you can just delete them.  Be sure you don't have any other plugins in your load order that are dependent on SGHairPackBase.esm if you do then let me know and i'll see if I can merge it.

Once KS and SG are installed go here and download the SGKS 995 Hair Merge.

Important: The SGKS995 plugin is just an esp file so you definitely need the meshes and textures from the mods listed above our it won't work.

Future Merges - Immersive Wenches with SGKS995 - JH People of Skyrim Merge with SGKS995

Click Here for SGKS995

SG Hair Pack 350 for SE


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