Sneak Peek: Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes By Zhoulia

Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes By Zhoulia

Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes is a new default vanilla eye replacer by Zhoulia
If you use the Nexus for mods then you're probably already familiar with some of her work such as Babydoll X Skin, Forgotten Plants and Herb Replacers, Sun of Magnus and some of her newer mods such as Darling Eye Replacer and Lady Kit.

Well today I'm giving you a sneak peek of her latest mod that she plans to publish to the Nexus and quite honestly i'm quite impressed. Skyrim Idol Girl Eyes will replace your vanilla eyes with a beautifully, well done modified textures by Zhoulia. 

The eyes come in 1k with unique new normal map and sub surface details. Honestly out of the thousands of eye textures that I tried, Skyrim Idol Girl is as good as it gets if not better than anything I have previously tried. So thank you Zhoulia for your contribution to the mod community and a big thumbs up!

Here are some screenshots I took of the eyes, I'm using the Rynn model and the enb is Anko Remastered 



Saige The Purger 2018 Edition