Update On My Future Plans and Goals Within The Mod Community

OMG ASHERZ!! Why did you make a Patreon account???

Answer: Because I wanted too.. :) 

​BUT BUT you said plenty of times that all your mods will be free?

Answer: They are and always will be free. I have no intention or desire to sell my Skyrim mods. 

​Then why do you need a Patreon account?

​Answer: Because it's an easy to use interface for sharing mods, it's an easy to use interface for users to donate if they desire too and lastly, I get a lot of request to make or modify mods. It takes many hours to do so and I think it's only fair to be reimbursed for the service I provide in creating or help create other mod authors mods. 

​Keep in mind I'll never make a living and the monetary exchange will never be balanced to the many hours I put into modding.. It's just a little something to help get me by during these hard times and that is all. 

​Also keep in mind that when I did the math, my hours of mod creation vs donations comes out to less than 3 cents an hour. It would literally take me 100 hours of work to afford one loaf of bread. I'm not delusional, I know this community can never provide a living wage for me, I do it because I enjoy mod creation, I enjoy interacting with others in the Skyrim community but I also realize I can't be at the beckon call of every person that sends me a message wanting me to make this mod or that mod or help them with their own projects. I'm barely getting by as it is now.. I just can't afford to give that sort of time to others anymore without getting something back in return.

​What do you do with the money you make from donations? 

Answer: I don't make a profit, what little money I get goes back into the community to support other mod authors, to pay for my server space and etc.. As of posting this, my out of pocket expenses within the Skyrim community is 33% higher then what I make in return.

​Which I can not afford so i'm hoping to at the very least to balance my Skyrim budget. At the most i'm hoping that i'll have enough money left over for a cup of coffee..

​If you don't make money but pay money then why do you do it?

Answer: Got me, seems rather silly to do so...

​Why did you pull all your mods from the Nexus?

Answer: No doubt the Nexus is a great source to find mods, I can have thousands of downloads within a day or so of publishing a mod. I can't do that anywhere else. 

To me the Nexus is like the hustle and bustle of the big city, it's often great but there are some elements that really turn me off. In the past the Nexus community were much more engaging, when I published a mod it was sort of a party, users leaving comments, sharing pictures, endorsing the mod.. Not just engaging with me but with others on the mods post page.. It was nice, it was fun, I enjoyed it... but over the years the community sort of shut down on engaging and it became more of a "gimme gimme" attitude with not even an endorsement in return. I've even had post on my mod pages where users thought they can bribe me by holding their endorsements unless I made changes to the mod that they wanted to see. 

After a while it just got old.. I grew tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city and decided to move much of my modding to a smaller platform.. A platform that I like to think of as being way out in the country, away from the madness of big city life. :) 

Will you ever publish on the Nexus again?

Answer: Probably, the temptation to do so is too great but as of right now, I have no immediate plans to do so.

​Future Plans and Goals:

  1. To continue making mods that people enjoy and offer them for free.
  2.  To create a very in-depth power point presentation tutorial on how to make custom followers and npcs.
  3. Three provide a service to create custom content for other modders and mod authors. ​
  4. To continue to show my support for other mod author creators through donation.

I am just beginning my journey here on Patreon and while I do have several tiers for those that like to show me some love now, these tiers will change in the near future to better suit my pledges needs.

​In the meantime, give me a follow and join my social networks, we have some really fun groups on Facebook and now on MeWe too..

​If you do decide to make a pledge then I will be eternally grateful but I don't expect or ask for much. I know it's hard for many of us to get by so money aside let's at the very least find some enjoyment doing the things we love to do.


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