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MAFKit Online: Choosing a Class

Mafkit Classes

The first thing you'll notice that is unique with the Mafkit is that it is most likely the only tutorial that begins follower creation by choosing a class. To be honest I don't think any other follower tutorials even mention classes and combat styles.

Anyway that's how we roll here :) 

The Mafkit begins by choosing a class tailored suited to your needs. No worries this can be altered and farther customized later. 

Each combat class is slightly different depending on race. Once you have chosen a class you will go to a new page where you can see more information about that class and choose a race to go with that class as well as the download link for the mafkit.


Class - The followers combat class, this can be completely customized to your preference.

Difficulty - How hard it is to mod the class. All classes are marked as easy for stage one. The difficulty level is met for Stage 2 and above..

Armor BiS - BiS means "Best in Slot" this is the armor that this particular class has the highest skill points for and will be the armor the follower chooses to use out of it's inventory. Example a Shadow Knight BiS is heavy armor so if the Shadowknight has a a set of iron armor and a set of leather armor in it's inventory it will choose the iron armor. Classes that have light armor as their BiS would choose the leather armor over the iron.

Weapon BiS - Functions the same as armor BiS. An example would be a Templar has in it's inventory a bow, a sword, a battle axe and a war hammer, it will choose the War hammer before the other weapons. If there is no war hammer then the Templar since it's perks favor two handed weapons it will choose the battle axe, if there are no two handed weapons it will choose one hand before choosing the bow.

Link - is a link to the class page which contains the download link of that particular Mafkit.

TBA - To Be Announced

Please Select a Class: 
Class Difficulty Armor BiS Weapon BiS Link
Dead Eye EasyLightCrossbowAvailable
Harden Killer  
EasyHeavy2 Hand Weapons Available
HeroEasyHeavySword &
MarksmanEasyLightBow Available
Ranger  EasyLightBow &
1H Axe
Shadow Knight EasyHeavyBattle Axe Available
Shadow Stalker
EasyLightSword or
Templar ModerateHeavyWar HammerAvailable
Beast MasterHardLight2 Hand WeaponsRequest it
Fire Mage      
Easy Cloth Staff Request it
Ice Mage Easy Cloth Staff Request it
NecromancerModerate Cloth Staff Request it
Storm Mage Easy Cloth Staff Request it
Monk Easy Cloth Unarmed Request it
Blade Dancer Easy Light Dual Swords Available

Vampire Class: 
Class Difficulty Armor BiS Weapon BiS Link
PureBlood TBATBATBARequest it
Black Heart 
TBATBATBA Request it
Night BloodTBATBATBA Request it

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