Mafkit Online Class: Hero

The Hero

 I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees — Powerpressive

The Hero is a heavy armor wearing, highly defensive melee fighter that prefers the two handed battle axe. While Nord, Redguard and Imperials rely mainly on their physical prowess, the Elf races as well as Bretons also combine dark magic within their combatant tactics.  Their alignment is good. The Hero hears the calling at a young age to defend others from harms way.

Choose Your Hero Mafkit: Click on the gender to download the kit. If a race or gender for this particular class is not yet available then please be patient, it only means I a haven't gotten to it yet. I will fulfill Patreon request to make any kit available ASAP. Patreon pledges are very much appreciated and you can become one by clicking here  :)
Class Race Male Female
Hero Altmer (High Elf)Request itRequest it
Hero     Argonian (Reptilians)Request it Request it
HeroBreton (Half Elves)Request itRequest it
HeroBosmer (Wood Elves)Request it Request it
Hero Dunmer (Dark Elves)Request it Request it
Hero ImperialRequest it Request it
Hero KhajiitRequest it Request it
Hero NordAvailableAvailable
HeroRedguardRequest it Request it
Hero        Orsimer (Orcs) Request it Request it
Hero Snow Elves Request it Request it

The Hero Kit:  Stage 1 MAFKits are designed for the complete beginner but I highly suggest all users of the MAFKit start at stage one despite modding experience. It only takes a few minutes and it'll give you a feel of how the MAFKit tutorials work. Also if all you wish is to add a custom face to a follower for private use then you will need to go no farther then stage 1.
MAFKit Stage #1
Difficulty   ----------Easy----------
Estimated Time for Completion      2 to 5 minutes
Tools Needed Tes5edit & NPC Nif Merge & NifSkope
Mods NeededRacemenu or ECE or Chargen Export
Plugins Created (Esp) 0 - Uses plugin that comes with the kit.
Folders Created 0 - Uses folders that come with the kit.
Additional Files (Esp) 2 - Uses facegen from SKSE Chargen folder. 
Forms Created 0 - Uses forms that come with the kit.
Form edits 1 - NPC Actor form: 3 edits to Name, Weight and Skin Tone
Permissions              Private use only, Stage 1 followers will conflict with other stage 1 followers. Publishing rights denied
Agreement By Using the MAFKit I hereby agree to the permissions and I am ready to start my follower. Click Here to Proceed to the Stage #1 tutorial

Mafkit ShadowKnight Asset Credits:
KS Hairdos - Renewal
Normal and Specular Maps By zhoulia



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