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MAFKit Stage 4: Body Meshes

Creating Independent Body Mesh Forms and Adding The Meshes To Your Folders


  1. Creation Kit
  2. Body Meshes

00:00 Drawing Penises and Intro
01:07 Opening the Needed Folders, Renaming and choosing a body
02:40 BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Optional)
07:20 Incoherent Babbling (Optional)
08:06 Creation Kit Mishaps (Optional)
10:00 Creating the Armor and Armor addon forms in the Creation Kit
13:15 Linking your body meshes to the armor addon forms
15:20 Adding the new Armor form to the Actor form

See the complete guide at just click the "Mafkit Online" tab at the top of the website.
Video Credits:
The artist formerly known as Wnisewond for the Celestia preset (purple chick)
NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
Tes5edit by ElminsterAU
Nifskope by Yann Collet
Special thanks to Expired for making chargen exports possible
unko9622 for creating the Anko ENB
Bao Luong for giving me his remastered version of Anko
To all my Patreons and everyone that supported me during this project Thank You!


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