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Updates: MAFKit, Akemi, Patreons

Updates for September 2018

I hope everyone had a great weekend! To my fellow Americans, have a happy labor day (if that day even has any significance for you anymore :) ) and the return of football season, oh yea, just so you know this mod author bleeds green E-A-G-L-EAGLES!! 

Okay most of you don't have a clue what i'm saying above and tbh i'm just babbling.. It's early here and I'm just taking my first sip of coffee mmm so good..

Anyway, I'll be working on the new Mafkit this month, it'll be posted to this blog and I guarantee you that it will be fun fun fun. Any mod user regardless of experience will be able to use this kit. Even if you never made a mod before you'll be able to have your follower in game in less then 5 minutes with this kit. It's just that easy. The best part is that you don't have to stop there, you can go farther into the mafkit at your own pace and create a follower or any npc (including replacer) tailored suited to all your wants and desires.

Mafkit online will not just be about creating a sexy fantasy woman or a studly man's man. It will come with many different templates and features such as;

  • Custom Profession/Class System based on traditional RPGs such as assassin, warrior, cleric, ranger and mage.
  • Sub Profession/Class System which expands farther on the class system for example choosing an Assassin will lead to new options of character creation such Nightblade, Marksman, Saboteur, Bladedancer or the straight out psycho killer Shadow Stalker.
  • Expanded AI's: As you progress deeper into the Mafkit character creation, you'll learn how to add your own custom AI packages or choose one of the pre-made packages.
  • Racial and Gender Traits: giving your character more depth and adding more immersion to your game.
  • Give your follower or NPC the ability to train, sing, be a merchant, a source for rumors and information.
  • Unique custom spells, learn how to make or use existing custom spells work on your follower and npc
  • Factions and roles: turn your follower into your brother, sister, employee or even your slave
  • Make an NPC your ally and have them assist you through your adventures or have them as your enemy and prepare for battle or feel their wrath. 
...and much more!

The Mafkit will also work on any existing npc or follower you may want to expand on. 
The Mafkit will be released in expansions according to race, profession and character depth. It will work much like leveling a character in a traditional rpg, using levels to mark your progress.
It will be both Skyrim LE and Skyrim SE compatible.
I am hoping to have the first expansion released by the end of this week.



I like to take a moment and thank everyone who made a pledge on my Patreon, I truly really do appreciate it. I went live with Patreon only a few weeks ago and to be honest I really didn't expect much from it but it's been a nice grand opening of sorts and I thank you all very much for the support.

In the coming days I am going to change the tiers some and start offering custom follower and npc creation for all the tiers. Yes I really said that and no it's not a joke, details will be farther explained in the coming days. 

Meanwhile if you like to show me some love and offer support you can do so by going here: Tiers start at only $1 and come with custom follower or NPC creation made by me according to your desires


I like to end this post with a quick update about my latest follower release Akemi 4v has now been updated to Akemi4v1 and is now available for SSE. I will be publishing this new update hopefully today.

The update includes:
  • A fix to her lazy eye
  • A few combat changes to make her more balanced in the game
  • Removed HDT high heel dependency and replaced with NIO for LE
  • Added Racemenu High Heels to the SSE version.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming :) 
Oh! and join us on Facebook, it's a great group that is very active and helpful.

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