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Booette at #1 thank you!

Thank you for the support and making Booette the Nexus New Best Girl :)

Diana the Pureblood Vampire: Black Magic Woman Edition

Diana the Pureblood Vampire: Black Magic Woman Edition  Should I publish her?

Booette Follower By Asherz

Coming Soon: Boosette Follower for Skyrim

I been kicking around for the past week how to make Boosette.. I been editing, reediting hair meshes, mostly the Steamist from KS Hair Renewal 1.5.. I just wasn't happy with the results.
Many already know when I make characters from cartoons and anime that I like to vision them as what they will look like in a live action video or cosplay. It helps me bring a 2d character into a 3d environment. 
With that in mind I decided to perhaps give her a look that's not exactly true to the many fan made comics but not so far from that look that one would not feel comfortable calling her Boosette..
If that makes any sense :-/ 
So here is a sneak peak of my version of Boosette..  She will have vampire abilities much like my Diana the Pureblood mod as well as a few other tricks..
I hope you like :) 

Bowsette Update

Bowsette Patch Update
Just a simple ESP update that removes the old outfit and horns. It also adds the Armor and armor addon forms so Bowsette will have GRIM_Bowsette LE Mod as her outfit.
Requires GRIM_Bowsette LE Created by GrimSovereign (thanks Grim!)
Installation Instructions:
Install one of Bowsette Follower main files then overwrite with this update esp plugin. Also install GRIM_Bowsette LE outfit mod. (Activating the GRIM_Bowsette LE plugin is optional for Bowsette follower but necessary if you want the outfit for other character.)
Bowsette Follower can be downloaded here:

Coming Soon: Zero Two Follower

Darling In The Frankxx
“I think I have taken a liking to you. Won’t you be my darling?” – Zero Two

Bowsette 2.0 Now Available on the Nexus

Bowsette Cosplay in SkyrimDownload SSE HereDownload LE Here
2.0 includes crown, tail, completely new facegen, got rid of fire cloak, brighter hair, switch 7b bombshell to 7boppai