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Skyrim Facebook Groups That Suck For Mod Authors

A lot of people use facebook, a lot of people join facebook groups. This goes for the Skyrim mod community as well. Many within the Skyrim mod community are looking for a place to share ideas, screenarchery and to discover new mods.

Unfortunately, some are not very mod author friendly. They love using the mods but they seem to love bitching about the mods and mod authors even more. Some groups embraced this idea of trolling and flaming mod authors. Some have become so bad that they have managed to completely push many mod authors out of the community completely.

Can't blame the mod author, why should they put up with these constant attacks for just sharing something they love to do.

So below I listed the worst of the worse, starting with the absolute worst and working down the list. I won't share their links here, just the group names and some info.

At Number #1 Skyrim Unlimited

The group that tops my list is Skyrim Unlimited this group used to be pretty decent at one time until they made Cameron Smith an administrator then it went downhill from there. The group is constantly targeting mod authors, berating them, luring them into their group just to set them up and humiliate them. I have talked to several mod authors that were in Skyrim Unlimited and either left or was booted out after the admins proceeded to humiliate them.

These admins are known to join other groups, leech on other groups members while trolling the members of these groups. Cam Smith was in my Hoarder group and made a huge personal attack on one of our members, to the guys girlfriend nonetheless.. It was a vicious assault on this members character, making personal references about him and so on. I deleted the comments and sent a PM to tell him he can't do that in the group. He agreed and apologized. Shortly after that I was getting reports of Cam Smith insulting and trolling other members in my group in other social networks such as Flickr.

The only reason Cam and another admin join my group wa sbecause they wanted to use me to make followers for them, which I did. I figured at the time it would be a nice gesture between admins of different Skyrim groups, Once I did that and they got what they wanted, they both left the group. Zac did join the group again with the other Skyrim Unlimited admins, Luke and Yulia..

So I just figured Cam was a dick and the others were okay.

I was in their group but after they attacked a mod author with no reason whatsoever, I left their group. Yulia approached me and asked me to join their group again. After a discussion I did do so.

This time around I realized the group Admins were extremely sexist as well. They even refer to their one female admin as the and I quote "The Village Idiot" When I seen that I was like wtf..

I'm a firm believer that real men don't disrespect women PERIOD!



So that didn't sit well with me..

I'm in their group trying to mind my business but once again it's one post after another berating mod authors and complaining that the mods they make are not to their liking.

So in short I called one of these people out in the Skyrim Unlimited group and Cam Smith seen an opportunity to humiliate me in the process, by kicking me from the group and then spreading hateful things about me.

This really pissed me off because, I done a lot for this guy. I made followers for him, I published his texture guides, I let him off the hook numerous times for his behavior in my own group and this is how he repays me? No PM no warning no nothing he just wanted to embarrass me and bust my balls.

Bad move Cam, you should know I'm not a punk and I don't run.

So I tried to take this case with the other Skyrim Unlimited Admins but it was useless.. I never met bigger cowards in my life.. Completely useless, that's when I realized they are all in on it. I also learn that i'm not the only mod author, I have had 6 talk to me personally about the group.

They all said the same thing Skyrim Unlimited targets Mod authors and encourages their members to harass them. By far this is the worst Skyrim Facebook Group.

I have saved all private messages and can prove anything that I have said about Skyrim Unlimited. In Short they are the Qanon of Skyrim. They are sexist, racist, bias, enjoy trolling and targeting mod authors, the admins (mostly Cam Smith) have repeatably attack people in their own group in other groups.

They are hands down the worst of the worse when it comes to Skyrim Facebook groups. If you want to support mod authors then you can begin by not supporting Skyrim Unlimited on Facebook.

In at Number #2 Skyrim Junkies

Skyrim Junkies is exactly what the name says "junk" it offers no value to the modding community and the admins often attack their own members starting flame threads for their own enjoyment. You won't find any mod authors in the group and there just isn't any useful information whatsoever to be gathered from the group.

Number #3 Skyrim Nexus Mods

You would think the people of the Nexus mods website would be embarrassed to have this unofficial group using their name. Maybe the real Nexus only remembers the group of old. The old group was run by a guy by the name of Brandon who has long since left the community.
What the group is left with now is one a complete nitwit that trolls his own group to attack members and the other admin who is all about herself.. "look at me me me me" God forbid you post something decent in the group she will try her damn hard to unravel it and make it look stupid. I have never met a bigger snob and the sad thing she too is a mod author and fairly popular one too.. You would think she would be more welcoming to other peoples ideas but she shuts them down quick. She just seems to come from a very self-entitled, white privileged background.

If you're a mod author it's best to avoid this group. The admins just want to humiliate and embarrass mod authors.. They themselves are embarrassments to the community.

Number #4 Skyrim Addicts

Of course this list wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention Skyrim Addicts but despite the constant trolling mod authors get from the group and believe me it's bad. If you post a mod in that group expect to get a comment right away, that modding sucks or modders just mod because they don't have skill to play the game, people use mods because they are pervs etc..

One mod on Skyrim Addicts can truly bring out the worst in people but despite that I don't blame the admins of the group. I actually think admin Emily does a decent job moderating the group.  The problem is that the group is too damn big. With over 70 thousand members the comments can flame quick before an admin has a chance to do something about it.

From a mod author perspective Skyrim Addicts can give you a lot of exposure quickly but unfortunately the haters and trolls in the group make sure to go on the attack. I guess they are just jealous.. idk.. but for mod authors this group is not worth the frustration.

Number #5 Skyrim Mods Fallout 4 Mods Pc xBox one Ps4

The admins of this group are probably the dumbest I have ever spoke too. There is this alleged mod author that goes from group to group with the same scam. He claims to be this big producer, amazing mod maker etc.. He targets females, offering them voice acting jobs, then scams them out of money and humiliates them on youtube.. Very disturbing stalker type behavior.

He's been banned on the Nexus, Loverslab and in most Skyrim groups. Anyway, I noticed he joined this group. I warned the admins about his behavior and he started doing exactly what I told them he would do and these dumb asses instead of protecting the females in their group they bought into this so called mod authors bullshit.

I honestly never talked to adults that seem as stupid as the two admins that I talked to from that group.

Anyway there you have it the top 5 Skyrim mod groups to avoid on Facebook.


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