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Kailu Follower 1.1 .7z by tetrodoxin (Snap Dragon Fame)

Most people know Tetrodoxin for his ENB Snap Dragon Prime and Freckle mania as well as Freckle Mania 2 but there is also a hidden gem that he shares on which is his Kailu Follower.

 I would think it's a safe bet to make that no one has been asked more for his personal followers/presets than Tetrodoxin.

 So i am excited to share his download link of Kailu.

that is all, happy modding :)
Since people keep asking me for the follower download link; here it is again. — tetrodoxin (@tetrodini) February 21, 2019

Mod Spotlight: Dint999, Melodic, Zhoulie, Tarll, Hhaley, Artmurder

Mod Spotlight [Melodic] Blood Red Outfit Dint999 HDT HairPack MassiveMaster MM - Whiterun 512 MassiveMaster MM - Real Eyes Tarll Aurelia - Weathers and Interior HHaleyy Kwanon EN HHaleyy Fair Skin Complexion Art Murder More Alien Skyrim Sky and Light Ixum Ixum's Tattoos Asherz Hot Damn Oppai

How to Remove the Swirl Effect From Followers

Remove the Swirl Effect From Followers
A lot of times this swirl effect comes from the magic resistance perk that's been added to the followers actor form.
It's very easy to remove with Tes5edit or the SE Tes

Load the plugin in Tes Edit then just follow these pictures on how to do it. 

i'm a shitball....

....According to this nutjob The MightyNine that is...I'm glad you think i'm a shit ball because your days of harassing, scamming and bullying people in the game community is coming to an end.

Nexus New Best Girl:

Thank you for the endorsements!