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Ichigo Follower By Asherz

Ichigo Follower For Skyrim LE and SE

Nexus Download Link Click Here

Wow! it's been awhile since I posted on here.. A lot has changed recently.. Last month according to the doctors I was minutes from death after a massive heart attack. I bounced back from that pretty well and thank you all for your support.

 Anyway, enough about that... I like to introduce my latest follower Ichigo
 I chose the name Ichigo because she reminded me of a strawberry when making her and the name Ichigo is sort of the same.

 I will like to make a Death Note Misa follower from this model too and maybe will do so in the near future.

 More about Ichigo She is a wood elf, Lightning Blade class.

She is a crossed between a support role and all out dps as well as having the ability to summon a tanking pet.

She has two buffs that affect the player character. One is a heal buff the other is similar to Call of Arms spell and buffs both Stamina and Health.

 Some of you may have noticed I been adding a playable spell within my newer followers called a Blink Card.

These spells have several abilities, heal over time, magic regen, invisibility etc..
 Ichigo Blink Card also gives an added movement speed buff that last 22 seconds..

When ever she uses it or the player uses the blink spell then simply put you get to move much faster.
 Works great in combat as well as running from location to location. For any old school EQ fans out there think Bard selos ;)

  Included Gear: (All gear is craft-able and tempered)

  Nereid Pirate - CBBEv3 Curvy by BBDrac
She comes with several sets of this armor, only one will be equipped and in her inventory. TO get the rest you either need to use AddItemMenu, do it manually through console or craft it. Perks are required to craft.

Nereid Pirate UNP SevenBase 7B HDT PE
Same as above but for the UUNP body

Monster Hunter Chrome Razor - Standalone by NIHS
This is an oversize two handed weapon that looks really cool. She will resort to this weapon often once within melee range.

Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim by Gizmodian
I added two Ferravis 1 hand weapons to her inventory. A really cool looking weapon that she will use for a quick kill.

Tempest armors by Nanigashi Tempest
This is a really fun mod with great looking effects and weapons. Definitely worth checking out.. I'm only including the Crucifyer Bow and arrows. These are um... magical arrows that grow in size.. :)

The mod is finished and will be released Sunday April 14th. on the Nexus.
Unfortunately the Misa hair version was only shared privately and will not be uploaded to the Nexus but the replacement hair looks really good and here is a glimpse of the Nexus version.

Again thanks for all the support.. Face presets for this follower available HERE


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