Gen X Follower Series: Akila The NightBlood Follower

Skyrim Akila the Nightblood Follower is just one of the many brand new mods we are covering today ranging from two new followers, an overhaul to your roads and a new photo review studio. Come along to a small magical shop and jump into your Star Wars spirit.
The mod is available on Nexus. Credits: Asherz for the mod creation! This is only a review video! My mod site: Flickr:
Queens Blade is the most skimpy anime there is! We have a Menace outfit from Queens blade where we can rule Amarna, which is an Egyptian mod. The skyrim outfit is perfect with some high heels from Pumps. Plenty of voluptuous and curviness with the Akila follower in this skyrim mod review.
Akila The NightBlood by Asherz, MAFKit 2018, Tempest Armors, UNP Ranger, SG hairmix2, Kwanon ENB

Akila The NightBlood Follower for SE and LE

Follower Series Generation X

Location: Whiterun Dragonsreach

Race: Custom Nord

Weight 100

Height 98 ( i think, I forget)

Class Night Blood

Marriage Enable


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