All-in-One HDT


This All-in-One mod includes 10 pre-builded Unified UNP Special bodies and 10 pre-builded CBBE bodies with HDT Vagina with XML attached to meshes in order to have collisions with hands, belly, schlongs and some creatures (Dog, Wolf, Husky, Riekling, Draugur, Falmer, Skeever, Troll, Werewolf, Death Hound, Fox, Deer, Chaurus and Sabrecat). The only purpose to share this mod is to make easier to get an animated vagina with collisions for people who are new on modding or have trouble getting colisions. ~HeroedeLeyenda

Alice Mistress of the Blazing Death Flame Sorcerer Standalone Follower Download link: "Virtutes Instrumenti" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License