Bijin skin UNP and CBBE By rxkx22


One of the female skins

This is NOT the actual skin used in my Bijin mods. Smoother than that but still realistic.
I was lazy so those images are WIP's. I tweaked it after taking them.

Female Skin textures
For UNP and CBBE
For all the female Races except for Khajiit and Argonian

Options on the installer
・Public hair
・Nipples color
・Wet skin
・Face diffuse and normal map

After installing the fair skin complexion, overwrite it with this mod if you want to use the Fair skin's eyelashes, eyes, mouth mesh, mouth textures and eyebrows.

Asherz Review:

A nice subtle approach to a more mature skin without going overboard.


Thiana Follower

Bijyo Follower Series By Asherz

Laali Follower

Bijyo Follower Series By Asherz

The Official Skin Of The Bijyo Follower Series