Fair Skin Complexion By Hhaley


This is an overhaul of female character creation.


Fair Skin Textures

Brighter, smooth and fine skin texture.

Seamless and no block noise.

Selectable Silky Skin, Wet Skin and Goosebumps options.

Subsurface Scattering Disabler option fixes a vanilla bug that causes shiny lines on the skin.

Options for Body Shapes

Default, Skinny and Flat options for the UNP version.

Curvy, Slim and Flat options for the CBBE version.

Makeup Tweaks

Detailed, effective and manageable makeup textures.

'Laugh Line' slider works as the tint on the center of the face.


Light and heavy freckle textures. These can be chosen by Complexion slider in the character customization menu.


Photorealistic mouth texture with white teeth. This texture will also be used for male characters.

The teeth mesh is scaled down to prevent itself from being protruded from the face.


Photorealistic eye textures for human races. The textures will also be used for male characters.

Adds new eye color variations by replacing 'blood shot eyes' textures.

This option also replaces female eye meshes to apply the Invisibility glitch fix and to render the eyelashes double sided.

If you'd like to apply the fix for beast races and males as well, please install this mod.


Standalone 12 eyebrows.

Makeup Overhaul

A set of makeup textures which allows finer tuning of the makeup such as upper/lower separated eye liner, lip gradient etc.

Asherz Review:

Fair Skin Complexion by Hhaley is the most widly used skin in all of Skyrim, It is often updated and has some of the best make up tints that a user can find.


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