MAFKit Online:

MAFKit Online: Introduction

  MAFKit Online is my latest and final project for quickly and easily creating custom followers and npc replacers. 

What the MAFKit is: It's basically a bunch of pre-made template builds to be used for follower or npc replacer creation. In short the MAFKit is a follower without a face. Well it was a follower without a face but now it comes with a face too :)

The Goal of the Mafkit: is to get even the noobest of modders comfortable with creating mods and becoming a mod author of their own work.

How it works: MAFKit Online is broken down into stages of progression, badges are earned after each stage. Where at the completion of the very first stage you can have a fully usable permanent follower in your game. You don't need to go any farther then Stage One but if you decide to go onto the next stage and the stages after that, I promise you I will make it as easy as possible for you to understand.

Reasons to use the Mafkit rather than other tutorials you'll find online. Well, let me say first the Mafkit is not just a tutorial it's a complete system for follower and npc creation. Anyway there are many follower guides online, one youtube search will bring up dozens of video guides. Some are rather thorough and seem to be a valid attempt to teach others how to make followers but there is a similar problem with all of them.

Every follower guide I have read or follower tutorial video I have seen all share a similar issue that makes it difficult for the novice mod author to create their mods. Every guide that I seen wants you to complete many many task without ever seeing any results in game until every single task is complete.

The problem with this method of completing so many task beforehand is that the user of the guide, the mod author becomes lost. It gets rather confusing remembering and mimicking all the forms, and using all the 3rd party applications with no sign of results to know if you're doing it right or not..

So what happens is that the mod author will complete all these task, then finally after hours and hours of modding they go in game only to see that their newly made follower is broken, maybe she's all blue, her body is missing, missing eyes, hair and other parts... She doesn't follow or speak.. So many little issues can occur that can and will break your follower.

So after thinking about it, I asked myself "is it really necessary to try to complete all these task before even seeing the follower in game?"

The answer is No! It's not necessary, not at all.. A person can have a fully functional attractive follower in as little as two forms created in the Creation Kit and 3 files added to your game. These files being the facegen mesh, the facegen texture and the esp plugin.

After the first stage is completed you can go into game and see your follower in all it's glory :)

Afterwards you can farther customize the follower, give it unique skin textures, body meshes, add custom armor to her, custom spells, combat forms, make a custom class etc.. All of this stuff is great and makes your follower even more unique but none of it is necessary. None of it needs to be done before having a chance to meet your follower in game.

Like the Stages of a Flower From Seed to Bloom you can visually witness your follower become more unique and blossom with every Mafkit Stage you complete.

So unlike other follower guides, the Mafkit takes a fresh unique approach at follower creation that is fun, rewarding and easy for anyone to do. Best of all I've already planted the seeds, at stage one you can stop the creation process and enjoy your follower using one of the many Mafkit templates without ever having to open the creation kit.

 Reasons why to use the Mafkit rather than mods that generate an npc in-game based on your player character. First off let me just say mods like Familiar Faces and Blueprints for creating instant NPCs are made by Mod Authors that know much more than I do when it comes to scripting but is it really a good idea to add such a script heavy mod to your game and affecting game performance just so you can have a few faces that you created on NPCs?

That's a no from me :)

Familiar Faces depends on 4 other mods and is packed with 111 files. 58 of those files are scripts.
Blueprints for creating instant NPCs is packed with over 140 files and 8 of those files are scripts.

That's a whole lot of mod for something that can be done better and made more unique with as little as 3 files and zero scripts.

Issues with mods like Familiar Faces and Blueprints, the follower is not unique, it is just a carbon copy of the player characters appearance. The follower is always dependent on Familiar Faces or Blue Prints and those mods will always be dependent on the mods that they require.

While my hat is off to these mod authors scripting ability but in practicality it just doesn't make sense to add all the extra stress to a load order and use these mods.

The Mafkit is a commonsense approach to learning and creating performance friendly mods. The Biggest reward, once you complete Stage Two then you are the mod author with publishing rights.. 

Are you still with me? Are you excited? Because I am :)

Oh and for those wondering YES SSE COMPATIBLE!! :) 

Let's Get Started


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