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Hey, if you're reading this then more than likely you have downloaded the MAFKit 2018 NPC and Follower Kit so thank you for your time, your endorsement and for giving the MAFKit a try.

 If you happen to stumble onto this page from another source but are interested in giving the MAFKit a try, then you can download it from Nexus Mods by clicking here or you can use this direct link to my Mediafire account.

Many of you already know that the MAFKit 2018 is a kit to help others make custom followers or NPCs and replacers for  their game.

The MAFKit 2018 contains the needed file structure, forms, textures, meshes and an esp plugin file to aide you through the process of creating a follower or NPC quickly and easily through the Creation Kit.

The MAFKit 2018 is NOT a mod like Familiar Faces, that enables you to copy your player character in game. While that mod is fun to play with, there are a number of stability issues that come with it. It's also can not generate a completely stand alone separate follower or NPC mod.

The MAFKit helps you build your very own NPC or follower mod that you can share among your fellow Skyrim friends. There's no magic in this, you still have to create the follower and that will require some work but with this system you can learn how to do so with ease. It's also a good way for advance modders to get a head start if they decide to mod a follower or npc.

This kit is designed for Skyrim LE, I will make another guide after this to show how you can port to Skyrim SE.

We'll begin by gathering the needed tools:
You'll also need some sort of character creation mod, please choose one of the following:
Additionally for either ECE or RM to work you'll need to install SKSE which can be downloaded from here. Make sure you download the Current build 1.7.3.

Once you have everything that you'll need then proceed to the next page


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