Awesome, You decided to give the MAFKIT a try!

Congratulations you’re on your way to making custom followers!


Now that you’re here we can decide on your characters *race. Please read the descriptions and choose a race that you would like your follower to be.

Which Race Will Your Follower Be?


I use a belt ranking system to determine the skill level and difficulty of the task at hand. If you’re a beginner, then please stick with Mafkits that are labeled as white belts. No worries belt advancement is fast. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert at follower creation :)


All Playable Vanilla Races Are Ranked As White Belts.


*Note: It does not matter which human or elf race you used to create the character. EXAMPLE - if you used the Nord race to create a very pretty looking wood elf character then you can still choose the Mafkit wood elf templates so your character will be recognized as the desire race of your choosing.


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Custom Races Available

So you’ve decided on a custom race, awesome! This option is a little more work but you’ll have full control over your custom race form to edit it in a way that best suits your needs. If this is your first time making a follower then please try one of the vanilla races first. The best part about the Mafkit is that you can upgrade your follower at anytime. So in other words all white belt followers can become orange belt followers and so on..


Custom Races Begin At Orange Belt Rank